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Wind in the spotlight – It’s nearly time for a leading wind power event

On November 7–9, 2017, Warnemünde, Germany will play host to the 26th Windenergietage (Wind Energy Days). Many international wind power companies will exhibit. SKF will present about the opportunities of aging wind turbines and proactive maintenance. But what else can visitors look forward to?

Founded in 1992 as Windenergietag (Wind Energy Day), the event has grown to become one of the wind power industry’s key events and is now held over several days. The stage is set for numerous exhibitors from international wind energy companies, including SKF, to share insights, innovations, and future plans. It is a must for those who wish to stay up to date with everything happening in the sector.

Key insights from SKF

SKF’s presentation is on the theme of aging wind turbines and the benefits that they offer. Philipp Schmid, Energy Marketing Manager at SKF, will give the presentation and address the issue of inevitable wear to turbines over their lifespan. This can lead to challenges, such as the increased risk of failure, fatigue damage, and a lack of availability for spare parts.

However, the opportunities that come from this will be explored in detail. These include adopting the correct maintenance and service strategies, upgrades, and how using data collected over the turbine’s lifespan can help to avoid failure. Ultimately, professionals can learn about how to get more out of the machinery they already have.

Plenty of chances to learn more

In addition to SKF, companies from all over the world will share insights, analyze trends, and give an indication of where the industry will be heading in the future. The various forums will discuss key themes and strategies in the modern industry. These range from developments in onshore wind energy in Germany, best practices for reducing the levelized cost of energy, and even marketing and communication.

A great opportunity for wind power professionals

Overall, this is a great opportunity for any wind power professionals to network, learn more, and potentially optimize performance at their organization. For more information, please visit the event website (German language only). We hope to see you there.

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