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The stage is set

SKF to present on wind turbine bearings at Quo Vadis

Save the date: On September 27–28, 2017, the Quo Vadis conference will be taking place in London. At the event, SKF will give a presentation to explain how optimized spherical roller bearings for wind turbine rotors benefit the industry.

Quo Vadis is an annual wind energy conference that takes place at a different venue in Europe each year. The event will include a range of speakers from the wind power industry who will talk about innovations, trends, and best practices. At this year’s event, held in Kensington, London on September 27–28, SKF expert John Skiller will take the stage and present insights to other wind power industry professionals.

A detailed look at cutting-edge components

The topic of the presentation is optimized spherical roller bearings for wind turbine main shafts. SKF will explore these components in great depth, covering how they were designed, how they work, and how they contribute to turbine performance. The presentation will explain the concept behind spherical roller bearings and how the nature of wind turbines justifies a dedicated bearing design.

A tried and tested formula

Part of the presentation will look at the role of test facilities in developing the first spherical roller bearings designed solely for wind turbines. Also to be explored is the extensive verification testing and the conditions that these components were exposed to during development.

Furthermore, you will learn exactly how these innovative bearings enable wind turbines to function more reliably and efficiently. There will be recommendations on implementation and advice on how to get the most out of this technology.

Take the opportunity to learn more

The event is sure to be a great success, and SKF’s presentation will provide valuable industry insights, information on technology, and advice on optimizing wind turbine performance. For more information please visit the conference website. We hope to see you in London on September 27–28.

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