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Partnering up for the future

WindEurope once again pulls in the crème de la crème of the wind industry. Over 9,800 participants, 334 exhibitors and around 250 speakers took to Bilbao, where SKF presented its own services and solutions – and offered wind farm stakeholders an opportunity to rise to current and future industrial challenges.


Drones are fast, agile, and make light work of reaching high altitudes. But that doesn't necessarily mean they will revolutionize wind turbine maintenance overnight. Incidentally, we are still waiting for the big drone breakthrough in the industry. When is it going to happen?

Strong and robust

Robust bearings are the key to a long-lasting wind turbine. To evaluate their surface and subsurface robustness and minimize failures, SKF has further developed the SKF Generalized Bearing Life Model (GBLM). During the "Bearing World by FVA" conference, the company presented its application of the SKF high durability gearbox bearings for wind.

Grease is the word – Lubrication Part 1

Wind farm operators count on a long and trouble-free bearing service life. The right grease is crucial for this, but lubrication requirements differ depending on the bearing type and area of application. What do operators need to consider when selecting one that is right for them?

Wind News
No need to choose

Wind energy is a driving force of the energy transition. Especially offshore wind parks have proven to be extremely promising due to their ability to produce massive amounts of energy. Yet, marine biologists are concerned about the influence the construction may have on the underwater environment. Does this mean we have to sacrifice climate protection for the sake of marine flora and fauna?

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