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Showcasing wind energy – SKF to promote solutions at WindEurope 2017

On November 28–30, 2017, SKF will showcase a range of products and services at WindEurope in Amsterdam. The key industry event is a hotspot for professionals to build on their knowledge, network, and help determine a vision for the future. What can you expect at the event?

The WindEurope Conference and Exhibition is one the European wind power industry’s most significant events. Hosted in Amsterdam and organized by WindEurope, the exhibition will address trends, innovations, and any relevant developments in the sector. Companies from all over the world will be there to present and network with other professionals.

Maintenance: as prominent a topic as ever

Maintenance is a key theme in wind power due to it being responsible for a significant portion of wind turbine costs. Operators need to be able to perform accurate machinery inspections and have a clear understanding of component health to avoid unexpected downtime and the consequent costs. This generates the demand for more efficient methods that utilize modern technology.

One of these technologies is the cloud, which is driving change in how monitoring and maintenance is performed. This medium provides the functionality for remote diagnosis, real-time reporting, and data management. SKF designed SKF Enlight with this in mind. As a mobile- and cloud-based solution, SKF Enlight enables company-wide sharing of maintenance and inspection data.

SKF will present the benefits of this product at WindEurope Conference and Exhibition 2017 and explain how it can help operators reduce costs and boost the efficiency of inspection processes.

SKF Enlight enables you to:

  • Improve inspection efficiency
  • Reduce costs for equipment and software
  • Clarify what data actually means
  • Enable better decision-making based on higher volume of valuable data
  • Standardize inspection data and processes across all relevant teams
  • Include corrective actions within inspections to rectify any faults

SKF will also showcase a number of other products, such as the condition monitoring system Multilog IMx8 and spherical roller bearings designed exclusively for wind turbine main shafts.

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Overall, WindEurope Conference and Exhibition 2017 is a must for anyone in the industry who wants to stay up to date with the latest developments. The diverse environment offers vital opportunities to learn more. Make sure you sign up.

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