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Bearing World Conference 2018

What did attendees gain from the leading event?

What’s new in the world of bearings? The Bearing World Conference 2018 has it all covered – from new innovations to trends and workshops. The exhibition brought together professionals and experts from a wide variety of countries to discuss pressing topics.

Bearings are the key component for wind turbine operation and, indeed, for all rotating machinery. The Bearing World Conference 2018 addressed current bearing technology, developments, and innovations and took place in Kaiserslautern, Germany on 6–7 March. But what really makes it stand out is the opportunity for professionals from different nations to communicate.

Bearing World 2018 had more than 250 participants from 18 nations

Tackling industry challenges as a collective

Bearing World 2018 is unique in the sense that it brings together a range of institutions and people to discuss bearing technology. Manufacturers, universities, and operators shared insights to fully understand the current challenges related to bearings and machine reliability. In numerous expert-led workshops, professionals from diverse backgrounds and industries joined forces to identify challenges and ways to overcome them.

The globalization of the bearing industry demands a greater level of international collaboration, research, and development work to overcome shared challenges and seize upon optimization opportunities.

SKF to play prominent role

SKF was one of the main sponsors of the event and also exhibited. As a major bearing manufacturer for a variety of industries, including marine engineering and wind energy, SKF shared knowledge and insights on latest developments, best practices, and bearing reliability. However, it also highlighted the growing importance of being able to accurately predict operating conditions and taking a proactive approach to bearing operation and maintenance. Additionally, SKF also placed a focus on adapting to and benefiting from Industry 4.0.

A successful event that looks set to continue growing

Bearing World 2018 had a great turnout and the number of attendees has increased at each conference since its inaugural event in 2016. In coming years, the exhibition will continue to provide a platform for designers, institutes, technicians, and customers to shape the future. Will you be there next time?

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