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Wind energy event trends

What’s creating a storm at trade fairs and exhibitions?

Trade fairs have long been a prominent format for promoting new products in the wind energy sector. But they appear to have hit a bit of stumbling block. Prices to exhibit are high and there is no guarantee of success. Nonetheless, they still have an important role to play. Here is a rundown of the current situation.

As with most other areas of business and society, digitization is having a huge impact on the modern wind power industry and related trade fairs. Where once trade fairs were the main platform for promoting new solutions, ideas, or meeting contemporaries, the rise of the internet has provided other options and channels. Indeed, online promotions and sales are commonplace for most businesses and customers can ask questions via digital communication. So does this mean the modern trade fair is becoming obsolete?

What is the current situation with trade fairs?

At face value, it appears to be a difficult period for trade fairs and exhibitions. Attendee numbers are declining, and companies are less inclined to invest in exhibiting when the internet provides other promotional options. However, this doesn’t mean that the format is dead; just that it needs to adapt for the digital age.

Networking opportunities are as important as ever

Many events are incredibly useful for the wind energy sector. A key aspect that is difficult to recreate online is the opportunity for networking. Of course, platforms like LinkedIn support online networking, but it is not the same as meeting someone in person and presents fewer opportunities to actually talk with new people. Trade fairs could aim to place a greater focus on networking in the future and look to create communities within an industry.

Upcoming trade fairs and exhibitions for the wind energy industry:

You can find out more about wind energy events here.

Furthermore, the huge number of existing trade fairs can create issues. If there is not a clear focus on a particular type of product or there is too much going on, the competition for promoting a product may be too high and customers may not be able to find what they want. For this reason, it is vital for customers and exhibitors to select the right event to visit or present at. If a company wished to exhibit a new digital wind turbine optimization solution, it would be better to appear at an event that was focused on this topic rather than technology in general.

It’s time to act in a period of transition

The conventional trade fair is going through a period of transition. To survive, some trade fairs will have to change and become more suitable for the digital age, possibly by investing more in online advertising, streamlining agendas, or more competitive pricing. However, modern events still have an important role to play as they provide direct exposure to new products and customers and are a key platform for connecting with others in a sector.

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