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Sealing solutions for solidity

How seals can improve turbine robustness

When it comes to operational reliability and service life of wind turbines, the smallest components can have a big impact. Therefore, it is most important to opt for engineering solutions which can withstand the tough conditions that wind farms operate in.

Many countries regard wind power as a potential enabler for carbon-neutrality. And as costs for R&D and construction fall, they have begun building large-scale onshore and offshore wind farms which require optimal engineering components to ensure robustness. Here, SKF seals can make the difference.  

Wind turbine environments are a challenge. Not only are turbines exposed to fluctuating weather conditions, but they must also cope with extreme mechanical forces as well. High-quality machine equipment is needed to prevent turbine failure and to optimize its performance and durability.  

Small detail, large effect 

Shaft seals exclude harmful contaminants, particles, and moisture and help to retain lubricants, acting as a protective barrier between a machine’s inner working and the outside environment. They work with both grease and oil lubricants and can withstand a wide range of operating temperatures. Made of polyurethane or nitrile rubber, SKF seals can resist harsh conditions, like abrasive wear, misalignment, ozone and UV radiation. SKF is the only bearing manufacturer worldwide that also designs and manufactures the seals which are ultimately used together in the wind turbine. That means, engineering understands both sides: They are aware of the critical challenges and consider them already during production phase. This way, they can create durable and tailored solutions. For example, SKF has developed a customizable sealing solution for the main shaft bearing of wind turbines. In addition, SKF offers an 48-hours express service or on-site installation support, if needed. 

Built to last 

Enormous structures like wind turbines are only as strong as the parts that they comprise. Equipped this way, they are prepared to endure the harsh conditions and deliver their expected performance. Combined with a reliable condition monitoring system, industrial seals can minimize risks of failure and allow operators to fully exploit the service life of their turbines – a “wind-wind” situation for all parties.  

Read more about SKF seals solutions on Industrial Seals Expert – The Sealing Solution Knowledge Blog”. 

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