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Smart technology

Enhancing machine reliability with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) already plays a role in many aspects of industry, including supply chain management, product development, and maintenance planning. Companies must evolve with the changing industrial landscape and use the tools at their disposal to maintain their competitive edge. What does AI offer wind energy?

Many leading wind energy companies already use AI, as the sector continues to digitize. Organizations can use machine learning, supported by AI, to predict and increase energy production. Many maintenance programs also harness big data and artificial intelligence by detecting faults in power curve analysis, for example. As the volume of performance data increases, so too will the power of AI. Only companies that unleash this potential will deliver the most accurate services for predictive maintenance and, therefore, remain competitive.

In October 2019, SKF announced that industrial AI developer Presenso Ltd. had joined the SKF Group. The Haifa-based Israeli company designs predictive maintenance software. Presenso technology enables its customers to identify and act on anomalies at industrial plants that would typically be difficult to detect, such as conditions leading to imminent bearing failure. This automated process does not require data scientists, making it a cost-effective option. The Presenso portfolio will supplement the SKF Rotating Equipment Performance offerings by adding more detailed analytics.

A solid foundation for Industry 4.0

Innovative rotating equipment products, including bearings, lubrication systems, and seals, are key to wind turbine reliability. Adding AI into the mix can improve this further and supports the wind energy sector’s clear vision for adopting technology – paving the way to a data-driven future. The new partnership means a wider customer base will have analytics for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and deep learning algorithms at their disposal.

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