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The current situation in the wind power industry

As an investor, what can one expect from the modern wind power industry? The sector is going through a period of rapid change. New products are continuously being introduced that make wind energy more efficient and profitable. However, this also presents challenges.

SKF’s Jens Bode interviews Peter Zachrisson from Stena Renewable AB, an investor in the wind power industry, about his company’s role within the sector. We are seeing a constant stream of new products that continue to provide a better levelized cost of energy. This offers many benefits to the industry. But rapid change also results in challenges. With many existing turbines being prototypes and replacement parts for older models being discontinued, what do you need to do to adapt with the times?

Watch the video below for key insights from Peter Zachrisson on current challenges and opportunities in wind energy, closing the gap between customers and suppliers, getting the most out of turbine components, and much more.

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Stronger relationships lead to a brighter future

Another important aspect of the modern industry for Zachrisson is the relationship between operators and suppliers. He explains why close collaboration between the two is important and why it is crucial to listen to customers and build relationships that will last for many years.

It’s all about looking after your assets. If you get an extended service life out of your machinery, you really have been successful.

Peter Zachrisson, Stena Renewable AB

Increase profitability by looking after assets

Linked to this is getting a longer service life out of products. By taking care of your assets, it is possible for you to keep machinery in operation for a longer period of time. Getting more out of products can lead to greater success and profitability for your business. There is even the opportunity to sell products on once they are no longer needed if this managed correctly.

An in-depth look into the current wind power industry

The industry is changing and there are many things to consider for those who play a role in it. For a detailed breakdown of the current situation in the wind power sectors for investors, operators, suppliers, and others, watch the informative interview with Jens Bode and Peter Zachrisson.