SKF Wind Farm Management Conference 2017

Take charge: Reduce, improve, and develop

In almost every part of the world, wind power is gathering pace. It’s time to take charge and develop new solutions, reduce LCOE, and improve operational excellence – at the SKF Wind Farm Management Conference.

As the technology becomes more and more efficient, the cost of wind energy decreases and the competitiveness of the market rises. Managing operation and maintenance costs is now more important than ever before.

May 9–10, 2017
The 12th annual SKF Wind Farm Management Conference

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The SKF Wind Farm Management Conference is where owners, operators, service providers, suppliers, and industry experts get together to share insights and experience. At the 2017 event, 135 participants gathered at the Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront hotel in Vienna, Austria from May 9–10.

Highlights included:

  • Knowledge: Keynote speeches and presentations from industry leaders
  • Active discussion: Breakout sessions on important wind power topics
  • Inspiration: Insights into current and upcoming trends
  • Networking: Share ideas with industry peers

For all details, including the full agenda and upcoming conferences, visit www.windfarmconference.com

If you attended the event and would like to revisit the presentations, click here to log into an SKF Knowledge Centre account. Simply enter the code you were given at the conference for access to all presentations and breakout sessions.

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| 2018-22-03 | 20:21
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Rajan G. Pinarvila
| 2018-08-02 | 01:56
I am Indian, need to produce and supply electrical non-conventional energy for individual clients around the world with a rear technology. I require magnetic bearings, heavy duty ( 65 tons approx.), Dual purpose turbine, Electronic control system etc. Would you like to help me with necessary tool-tips to design, production and implementation in US first. Because i can arrange workshop facility in Houston Thanks, Rajan
| 2017-10-05 | 08:34
Hi, I like this page! How often will you post?