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WindEnergy Hamburg goes digital – How organizers and exhibitors adapt to changing times

Socially distanced, but still in-the-know! Wind energy relies on the exchange of information at trade fairs and conferences. To ensure that nothing gets lost this year, one of the largest conferences for our sector, WindEnergy Hamburg 2020, will take place – albeit in a different form.

NOTE – The exhibitor platform of WindEnergy Hamburg Digital was unfortunately cancelled at short notice this year. To ensure that the exciting material that would have been showcased does not go to waste, we have summarized some of the topics for our readers in a series of articles called “WindEnergy digital“.

WindEnergy Hamburg is considered the event in the wind industry and it is the largest of its kind. Since 2014, the 65,000m² exhibition halls have been filled with participants and visitors from all over the world. This should have been the case in 2020. In September, almost 1,500 exhibitors from 40 countries were expected to gather in the nine halls, and over 35,000 visitors from more than 100 countries were ready to head to Hamburg.

Instead of canceling the event, however, organizers from the exhibition hall and “WindEurope” decided on a virtual alternative. But how is this going be carried out?

From green tech to AI

Despite the virtual switch, SKF will still participate at WindEnergy Hamburg and believes the exchange between wind industry stakeholders is more important than ever. Particular topics such as sustainability and digitization are leading to innovations. But these are not just global trend topics, they are our future.

To bring the wind industry one step closer to this future, SKF will present unique methods and systems on the subject of the circular economy, e.g. remanufacturing. Instead of simply throwing away wear parts such as rolling bearings, lubrication systems or consumables such as oil, they are reused, reworked or recycled. This is not only good for the economy, but above all for the environment.

SKF will also focus on innovative, digital processes combined with artificial intelligence and automated machine learning. This fits well with the Rotating Equipment Performance concept where you can increase your plant and equipment performance, or improve your overall maintenance strategy and efficiency. But how, if not at a trade fair stand, will this be presented?

Digital presence

WindEnergy Hamburg will now take place on a comprehensive digital platform from 1 to 4 December 2020 – a little bit later than first planned. With the support of the VDMA Trade Association Power System, organizers have developed the platform on which guests from all over the world can explore the exhibitions free of charge.

Exhibitors develop their own company or product profile within the platform. Here, they can input various information related to services and solutions, contact details, and press releases themselves. All content will be available until the next WindEnergy Hamburg in September 2022 and can be updated at any time.

Communication at the core

A pop-up chat window ensures close communication among attendees is not lost. Participants can also exchange information via a specially-designed app or arrange to meet in a virtual meeting room. In addition, the organizers, in cooperation with the Enterprise Europe Network, offer “Virtual WindEnergyMatch 2020″; a platform whereby companies and research institutions along the entire value chain of the wind industry have the opportunity to network and do business.


Also, something brand new for this year’s event is the live streaming of the “WindEnergy Conference”. In order to make exciting discussions and contributions accessible online for all trade fair visitors, “WindTV” was created especially for WindEnergy Hamburg. This offer includes two versions: the free open stream and the premium version, which will cost a little bit extra.

For the first time, alongside the main conference programme, the ‘WindTV’ goes live. It’s a channel which will give access to exclusive live and on-demand content. It’s not like simply joining a Zoom meet!

Giles Dickson, CEO of WindEurope

Two parallel streams will accompany the trade fair with exclusive content. Leading representatives from industrial and political environments, as well as specialists and experts from across the value chain will discuss and present topics that aim to optimize the industry. Topics for discussion include approval procedures, electrification, and storage media. New technologies and innovations will also be spotlighted.

For the environment

We will certainly not miss out on any of the future-oriented wind topics this year. Even if the virtual platform cannot quite offer the same trade fair experience as a personal visit, the digital version will leave attendees with plenty to think about. Many save a long and costly journey to the event – and thus reduce the burden on the environment. Instead, all participants can experience the trade show from the comfort of their own homes or offices.

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