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Video: Let’s talk part 2 – The challenges facing wind power in China

China is a leading nation in wind energy. However, the country is currently experiencing the challenge of finding qualified specialists for maintenance and servicing of turbines. SKF talks to Ni Da from Chenghai New Energy Tech Ltd. for insights on the current situation in China.

Maintenance for wind turbines can be extremely complex – much more so if there is only a limited number of experts available to turn to. This is the issue facing China at the moment – and it represents a significant gap in the market. Ni Da, Managing Director of Chenghai New Energy Tech Ltd., gives us his views on the current state of the industry, the challenges, and how to overcome them.

For a detailed account of the Chinese wind power industry, watch the video below where SKF’s Jens Bode interviews Ni Da.

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China and Europe present a different landscape

Ni Da cites many differences between wind energy in China and Europe. In China, many wind farms are operated by the owners themselves. This can mean that there is an incredibly small team responsible for a complex wind farm. These small groups often do not have the required knowledge to fix key components, such as bearings. Therefore, they are reliant on external specialists for servicing.

A market gap that needs filling

He goes on to explain that the number of experts in China is somewhat limited compared to in Europe. Indeed, many in Europe think that there is a shortage in number of specialists available to them too. This clearly highlights the deficit in China. Despite the market being large, there is a significant gap.

External experts play a significant role

In order to help fill this gap in the market, Ni Da believes that companies such as SKF have an important role to play. As established businesses in the wind energy sector, this type of organization can offer additional training to engineers in China. This will help to increase the knowledge base within the Asian nation, create more jobs, and, ultimately, supply the Chinese market with more qualified experts.

We need to work together with SKF, but we also require its continuing support to get customers working together with us.

Ni Da, Managing Director, Chenghai New Energy Tech. Ltd.

Looking to the future

Ultimately, in order for China to gain the required number of experts to fulfill its market needs, close collaboration with established engineering companies and suppliers will be essential. It may be something that takes a number of years to come into fruition, but the resources are there to make this a reality. Watch the full interview with Ni Da for key insights into the situation of wind energy in China.

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