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Striking designs

Unique wind turbines that stand out from the rest

Not all wind turbines are created equally. While most people are familiar with the appearance of a wind turbine, there are some designs that break the mold. In this article, the Wind Farm Management Blog looks at some of the world’s most interesting turbines.
  1. Vortex/Bladeless: As the name suggests, this turbine does not use blades. The turbine’s appearance resembles a pole and differs drastically from conventional wind turbines. With no bearings or gears, Vortex models reduce manufacturing and maintenance requirements significantly. They also do not require lubrication and are noiseless.
  2. Selsam Sky Serpent: The Sky Serpent leverages power from numerous rotors attached to a single generator. The rotors are spaced out along a line and each one utilizes wind generated from the adjacent rotor.
  3. EK30 from Enerkite: In what is known as airborne wind energy production, these models are suspended in the air using a kite. This exposes the turbines to the more powerful winds at higher altitudes, thus generating electricity more effectively.
  4. The Hummingbird by Tyer Wind: The Hummingbird does not have blades that rotate. Instead, the blades are on top of the turbine and generate energy via a flapping motion – mimicking the motion of a hummingbird. The revolutionary kinematics of the machine create efficient energy as both the upstroke and the downstroke of the blades result in energy production.
  5. Altaeros Energies’ High Altitude Turbine: These turbines are lightweight and designed to function at heights of up to 600 meters. They are tethered to the ground but benefit from the stronger winds at higher altitudes to produce more energy. They consume less diesel fuel for their generators – something that makes the design even more environmentally friendly.


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I live on Lake Erie near Cleveland. IT's always windy and I would like to hear more about wind energy

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