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Reborn in the USA – Video: Remanufacturing bearings at a US facility

Bearing remanufacturing centers help wind farm operators to extend the service life of their components in a cost- and time-effective manner. The Wind Farm Management Blog previously explained how bearings for wind turbines are remanufactured. This time, we provide a look inside one of SKF’s facilities in the USA, showing key aspects of the remanufacturing process in a video.
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There are many SKF remanufacturing centers around the world that support wind farms in extending bearing service life, with the central reference center located in Steyr, Austria. These facilities provide services that are key to reducing O&M costs in a competitive energy market. The video takes us inside the SKF facility located in the US and shows remanufacturing processes in action, as well as providing insights from industry professionals.

Remanufacturing specialists explain the process

An SKF expert explains how remanufacturing provides a cost-effective solution for extending service life and supports research for ensuring better bearing reliability in the future. The video shows technicians at work in the facility, including cleaning components and performing inspections.

Remanufacturing uses up to 90% less energy than manufacturing a new bearing. 

Ensuring the highest standards and providing guidance

Viewers also learn how all bearings are restored to the highest standards in line with majoring principles in bearing tolerance. There are also detailed insights from other experts on the grinding process and how precise measuring equipment ensures bearings are restored exactly to their original state. Additionally, experts explain how they can advise customers to adjust condition monitoring settings to increase the service life of bearings once they go back into operation. 

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