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Maintenance in a new light – SKF to give presentation on performance-based contracts

Maintenance programs could be about to get an overhaul. Typically, operators would manage wind turbine performance and maintenance themselves or choose certain aspects to outsource to different providers. Performance-based service contracts may offer a preferable alternative. Raf Kerkofs from SKF is set to present on this topic at Wind O&M EU 2019.

Wind O&M EU will be held in Munich, Germany on February 27–28, 2019. The central theme is providing future profitability of operational assets with O&M strategies. Leading companies that support the wind energy sector will showcase innovative approaches to operation and maintenance as well the latest in product development. This makes it the ideal setting to introduce the concept of service contracts based on performance criteria. So what exactly is this type of contract, and how can it help wind energy companies boost profitability?

A reimagined concept that could yield rewards

Performance-based contracts offer an alternative approach to wind turbine maintenance that could boost long-term reliability. Instead of operators organizing maintenance themselves or outsourcing different aspects of it to numerous parties, they form a partnership with a service provider. Operators would usually pay for products and services when a component needs fixing or is not performing properly, which can lead to service disruption and unpredictable costs. In a performance-based contract, companies pay a monthly fee, and the service provider takes care of parts of the wind turbine, such as the main shaft. Whatever the problem is, the service company will promptly resolve the issue for the operator and, therefore, maximize uptime.

Key topics at Wind O&M EU 2019

  • Data-driven O&M – Optimize turbine operation and maintenance with new technologies and data analytics.
  • Lifetime extension strategies – Choose a suitable late life strategy. Should you repower, extend, or divest?
  • Service contract optimization – Boost maintenance efficiency with new in-house and hybrid maintenance approaches.
  • Centralization of knowledge systems – Harness regional expertise to create standardized systems for operation.

Technical O&M implemented – Understand the steps required for enhancing operations with digital technology.

SKF to showcase its own take on performance-based contracts

Raf Kerkhofs from SKF will share insights on how this new approach could revolutionize the conventional relationships between wind energy organizations and service providers. He will explain the SKF Rotation For Life concept that aims to build strong partnerships between SKF and its customers with comprehensive packages that include root cause failure analysis, condition monitoring services and technology, remanufacturing, and training. As a result, operators can increase productivity and profitability for the long term. There are still tickets available for the event and you can find out more about Wind O&M EU on the event website.

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