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Find. Fix. Eliminate. – Rest assured! Your main shaft assembly is in trusting hands

High-quality maintenance consists of more than just repairing a faulty component. SKF offers a wide range of products and services, so wind farm operators don’t have to worry in case of breakdown or emergency. Read for yourself!

When a component inside the wind turbine main shaft malfunctions, the whole machinery stops working, leading to economically damaging downtime. This is not an isolated incident for wind farm operators. The main shaft is under continuous strain due to changing loads, extreme weather conditions, and wind-induced debris.

Here is where the expertise of a skilled, industry specialist comes in handy. With their in-depth know-how and ability to perform repairs and upgrades, they can minimize downtown and maximize turbine performance.

Cutting to the chase

Fixing a defective component after it has malfunctioned is only the beginning. Maintenance providers need to determine the root cause to prevent the failure from happening again. By partnering up with SKF, you can take advantage of our complete offer of tools and spare parts and the highest quality standards of repair and service work.​

Our standard repair capabilities include​

  • Dismounting of bearings​
  • Cleaning of shaft and housing​
  • Inspecting the components for specific failure patterns
  • Repairing the shaft and surrounding parts as needed​
  • Mounting of new or refurbished bearing including seals and grease​
  • Storage​

By using our proven Root Cause Failure Analysis and knowledge gathered from working on various turbine models and drivetrain assemblies, SKF experts can even upgrade the defective components. They can eliminate the issue and strengthen the refurbished machine parts so they last longer, perform more effectively, and withstand future challenges with ease.

Spare parts management

Especially in case of emergency, having high-quality, tailored spare parts on hand can save wind farm operators a huge amount of loss. SKF by your side, you can gain to the latest upgraded bearings and seals that are available on demand. To ensure that this process is as sustainable as possible, our experts try to fix and refurbish the used components whenever possible instead of manufacturing new ones. This does not only cut costs but minimizes the negative impact on the environment – one of SKF’s core values.

From reactive repairs to predictive maintenance

Modern technology takes maintenance even further: With predictive maintenance systems, it is possible to monitor machine operation at all times and detect failures before they occur. This is a chance to reduce downtime significantly; sometimes, eliminating it completely. With artificial intelligence and machine learning constantly evolving, there is room for speculations on how maintenance and refurbishment services might develop in the following years. However, with a skilled partner like SKF, you will always be on top of the game on the newest inventions in the wind energy industry.

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